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An intro to my blogging life

Life is a winding road. A journey full of triumphs and failures, joys and trials and full of those we love and those who have hurt us. I have been wanting to write a blog for many years but wasn’t sure how to go about it. So many of my facebook posts became quite lengthy as I began to share my heart about those things I felt passionately about. Now that I am writing books I decided it was time to put these thoughts into a blog. In beginning this new path as an author I will sometimes be sharing about my book Not Really A Princessand the struggle of choosing joy over adversity. This book surrounds the life of three women who overcome incredible odds including rejection, issues of widows, adoption, grief, and poverty. I believe we do have a choice in how we choose to respond to life’s struggles. We can choose to hang on to them and blame others or just shrink back and hide. Or we can chose to overcome and learn to love and reach out to others in need.

For many years I put on a brave fa…