Monday, June 19, 2017

So WHY'D I move?

Discontentment. Such a bad thing. It grips us. Makes us negative. Holds us back from opportunities to help others.

I loved my previous home. A big home with living areas where our family hosted dozens of events through the years. Our yard was an acre and a half. Pool, hot tub, gazebo, fire pit, orchard, garden and seemingly endless miles of flower beds. After 18 years my husband was done. So many hours of lawn mowing, pool upkeep, pond fixing, and I spent days making applesauce and apple pie filling every fall.

We would have all church picnics with about 150 people every summer. A pool ministry for 10 years once a week every summer.

I LOVED THESE THINGS. Loved. We had people stay with us who needed lodging and I left the door unlocked for anyone who might need a place to come.

Overwhelming at times but I didn't really care. I felt it was a ministry. I firmly believe we are all to open our homes. I have another book outlined entitled, It's Not About The Pie.  So sometime we will talk more about this concept.

We decided to move and be free to help anyone who needed help and not be tied down to our yard. Tough for me. I grew up on a farm where you could see across a valley, I lived for 18 years where I could see for miles. I wasn't sure I wanted to leave our beautiful home. But deep down I knew it was best. I too wanted to be free to do other things. And so it happened. We sold our home and moved to the historic district in town. I can't see beyond my home. Huge trees surround us.

The first year I felt a bit claustrophobic. I tried to "love it". I wanted to remain sad and melancholy. I wasn't grateful in my cute cottage home. But gradually I became more content.

As I sat outside with Ginger this morning I was thinking over the past two years since we moved. The new home Bible study we have, our kids ministry we help with during the school year, my Precepts class I teach, the many young women I meet with each week. And now the completion of Not Really A Princess and I know I couldn't possibly be doing all this at our old home. A blog? Who me? Never. Twitter? Not on your life.

God has opened new doors and I can rejoice over and over with what has been growing in my life. The expansion of previous ministries. And now He is directing me to broaden my scope and I am  excited to see this plan unfold.

#notreallyaprincess #itsnotaboutthepie

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