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Washing Away Past Hurts

Tomorrow I have my first edit deadline for my book, Not Really A Princess . As I have been going over my manuscript, the tears still come. It is a healing process to write one's past anguish, failure and pain. I relive it as I write but I choose to be grateful for God's amazing master plan to help me break free of my past.

I know it is quite possible that my editor will ask more questions as she helps to develop this story to its fullest. Some things I may not remember and some I may choose not to remember. But my goal in writing this book is for others to see that there is hope for a future of joy. That I do not have to remain in the pit.

I am sometimes amazed at the giant puzzle of how everything has fit together in my life and how I am actually writing a book about it all. Not just writing it but it is now a reality that it is being published. The past several years I have fought myself on finishing it. Thinking who am I to write a book? I never loved english. I preferred f…

Are Things As They Seem?

Things aren't always as they seem. People always assume since I am a generally warm, friendly person that I have all the confidence in the world. It's totally not the case. This weekend is my 40th class reunion. And although I really wanted to come I had moments of panic about it. My closest friend from high school was not coming but several other close friends were so I messaged one of them to give me a ride and walk in with me.

I have a very difficult time walking into a group of people. I only have this problem if I actually know the people and I feel they all have their own friends with whom they are visiting. I don't want to push in and there is still that prevalent feeling of the possibility of rejection. Once there, I am usually fine.

Yes, it's true.

When I was in high school I was a student leader, ASB officer and by most standards fairly popular. But I hid out at lunch time because I wasn't sure who to have lunch with and my closest friend had a boyfriend…

Being a Perfectionist in an Imperfect World

Guest Blogger: Jessica Everett Jessica is a mom of three. She loves music and is an avid reader of anything and everything.

I have often struggled with being a perfectionist. Oh, it can have its good points. I am very detail oriented. I like to complete tasks. I am organized and neat. However, more often than not I struggle with it.

I get anxiety over not completing tasks, as a mom this happens more and more. I struggle with feelings of inadequacy if things are not done completely, perfectly, and with time to spare. I struggle with guilt if I mess up. I struggle with anger and frustration when others don’t do things perfectly. My mind knows that I cannot expect others to do things perfectly and that I am being unreasonable. After all, we perfectionists are a minority. However, I want things done correctly and in a timely manner and then I get upset at myself that I cannot have perfect empathy and compassion when this does not happen.

The last few years I have really begun to see this…

The Joy of Jet Skiing

It is a wonderful thing to have family get togethers. When kids are older and they all have jobs it is SO hard to get everyone together. I try, but I also realize that it doesn't always have to be ALL of us.

We had a camping adventure this weekend with all but three of us. Kids and grandkids. It was 100 degrees with only one tree in our three campsites. But to this mother's heart it doesn't matter when or where or the weather. It is time spent. I am sure some of you can relate to this.

We rented jet skis one day and as I was out in the middle of the gorgeous, deep blue mountain lake I could not help but be so incredibly thankful. For family, for creation, for the means to be there.

We were in our family's favorite place and doing our favorite thing. How fortunate is that?

Jet skiing gives me such a sense of freedom. Flying over a wake or driving around as fast or slow as I wish looking at the mountains and thousands of pine trees. Clearing my mind and just enjoying th…

The Book's A GO!

I am an ordinary person. I have worked a variety of jobs. I am a wife. A mom. A grandma. An artist. A teacher of the Word. A lover of God. And although I have always been a busy person I have sometimes wondered what I have accomplished at all.

I am also a procrastinator and although I am FULL of ideas that race around in my head...I seldom follow through and finish. Truly finish the idea, see it through. Sometimes its too many things spinning and sometimes I get distracted.

You all know I have been writing a book. As it is nearing completion I decided to seek out publishers. I had a couple leads to follow up on from the writer's conference I recently attended and decided to start there. I had been told I may need to contact 20 publishers or more before finding one to accept my work as a new author and to not be discouraged.

I also realize that I am not a "great" writer. I was told in a workshop at the conference that I needed two of three things to get a book published.

Bonfires, marshmallows and freedom.

Freedom. It can mean something different to each of us. 4th of July is our country's Independence Day. A time we can reflect and be thankful that we can work where we want, live where we want and worship where we want.

It is also a time to spend with family, friends and neighbors. Eating hot dogs, potato salad and brownie sundaes. Waiting impatiently with little ones for it to get dark  so we can finally light colorful and loud firework displays.

My childhood home had riverfront property so we would have a bonfire, swim and stick rows of sparklers in the sand. We would catch our marshmallows on fire and eat them till we were sick if we wanted.

I also think of freedom as a time to release the past and turn the page from hurt or pain. Getting rid of the negative and being thankful for all I have been given in life. Even the hard things that form us into who we are to become.

This year there has been so much negativity in our country and yet I always hear people coming to this countr…