Monday, August 21, 2017

Granted An Unexpected Dream

Sometimes we have so many difficulties overwhelming us that we don't pay much attention to the everyday things in life. We are concerned with relationships, finances, work, family, church and health issues. We often times miss things changing and growing right in the midst of every day life.

I was a Bible major in college and loved theology, greek, and all things about Scripture. I am sure that I "assumed" after I graduated I would automatically go in to some full time ministry and be a womens conference speaker. But God showed me that I was not yet ready for what He would have for me to do. And life happened.

Through the years our family plugged in to camp ministry, AWANA and our small group Bible study. And then changes slowly began. I think in some ways I didn't feel qualified or ready for the new adventures I was to encounter the past couple years.

We decided to move from our large country home to downtown. A move I wasn't sure about. We also felt we should start a new small group Bible study with folks who may not currently be in a home group. We continued with AWANA kids ministry and I continued teaching a ladies Bible study. And the few young women I meet with periodically for mentoring or coffee started growing. It was clear that I was in fact in full time ministry.

And then all of a sudden the book I had been formulating for a few years began coming together rapidly. It was suggested to me that maybe I should go to a writers conference. I took the plunge. And life snowballed -- a website, twitter, fb page, book proposals, and a GIANT learning curve of new things. And the entire time I am thinking--BUT I'm not qualified. I'm NOT a writer. I was content in all the things I was doing. And then within a month of the writers conference I had a publisher and a publish date. I am still in a bit of shock. Life has changed BIG time the past few months in a way I never expected. And I KNOW that the only way that this country girl with no writing experience could possibly be getting a book published is because God planned it. HE is showing ME that HIS plan is BEST.

Yesterday I received by first set of edits from the content editor. Wow! I now have yet another tech program to learn. I felt a bit overwhelmed when I first saw all the inserts, deletes, and formatting issues. So page by page I will plow through and learn and be stretched beyond what I ever thought. I have never had a strong desire to be at the all.

I always wanted to speak at womens retreats and events. Maybe that will happen too. And I can see clear as a bell that my dream of wanting to minister to the hurting and encourage others is coming true. He has made it possible and given me the ability and strength to do it.

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