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Now Available!

The past couple weeks have been a roller coaster. My personal 500 copies of my book, Not Really A Princess came last week. A very exciting day for me. I wanted to pass them out to everyone. AND it looked so pretty! Seeing it as something tangible was amazing!

Then we awoke the next morning to learn that my husband's mom had passed away. Cancer. It had been expected but still is always a bit of a shock. Thursday I was trying to function and just started crying at the littlest thing. Friday I was late to a meeting with some dear ladies planning a conference where I will be the featured speaker. Exciting but a bit scary. But in that planning meeting I realized that God can use this book to help others. I am humbled and excited about this coming conference in April.

Life certainly gives us ups and downs. Joys and sorrows. At the meeting the ladies asked what a theme verse could be for the conference. I shared with them my love for Psalm 37. I may have shared this with you all before b…