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Use Your Pain For Inspiration

Do you consider why you are on the path you have been given? Why have you endured the painful things life has thrown at you? Is there any reason? Is there hope? Is there truly the ability to heal, to forgive?

I went to see the new movie I Can Only Imagine tonight. By myself. With a very crowded theatre and lots of noisy movie goers visiting with close friends and loved ones. I knew it was about the three time platinum song by Mercy Me of the same name. I had not really known the story behind the song.

I do now.

I am so amazed by some similarities in my own life. Many things were different but the outcome and conflict was similar. My moma never beat me. My dad never left us. But my dad died and my mom was a more silent abuser. Scars upon scars, hidden down deep, covered but not forgotten.

A hope in Jesus and moving forward with His love but still harboring hurts within, to later surface. God wants us to have total healing. One cannot fully serve without dealing with whatever is buried deep within our hearts and minds. He is a pure and holy God. He must have all of us not some superficial mask that covers what is on the inside. He can still use us but to be used by Him to the full potential of His majestic plan we need to deal...with it all...with long ago pain...unforgiveness...and even sometimes current issues.

In the movie his dad says, "If God can forgive anything, why can't you forgive me?" Bart says, "God can forgive anything but I can't forgive you". Pain is so very hard to overcome. Sometimes I think in my own life since I felt no real anger toward my mom that everything was fine. Not so. Hidden way down deep I still felt hurt in my heart.

We also must believe God can change people. Miraculously. Totally. I saw this in my moma. She became a different person. It was hard for me to believe at accept. That is SO wrong. I should always rejoice in someone changing their life.

One of the lines in the movie that caught my full attention was, "use that pain for inspiration". That is the key. For ALL of us. Not just a songwriter. Or me writing a book but in whatever our passion is and how God wants to use ALL of us.

My book Not Really A Princess it took a long time to write. It was healing. My desire has always been that somehow it would give all of you hope when hard things happen. That you too can overcome anything. Having seen this movie tonight I think that goes a step further...Follow Your Own Dream. You have all been designed for something special. Don't settle, don't be complacent, go and follow your heart. Who knows what will happen.


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