Thursday, May 10, 2018

No Moms Left

There are signs everywhere.

Signs of Mother's Day.

I glanced a side glance at the card section at a local store. They were there. An entire row. Brightly colored, flowery pictures, scripted writing. Hundreds. A literal wall of pink.

Signs outside every store for sales to honor one's mom. Hanging baskets grace the outside of the local grocery. Beautiful handbags in pale spring colors inside a discount store.

It's coming. Soon. Sunday.

It has been years since my husband's grandmas have passed. I used to send many cards out to those wonderful women. Then three years ago I lost my own dear Moma. There was an ache but I still had a mom to send a card to on the holiday.

Until now.

My husband's mom passed away a couple months ago. And I recently realized that I had no moms or grandmas to send to and it made me very sad. It's true I have "motherly figures" in my life that I hold very dear. But the sadness remains.

I sent cards to other loved ones. I am celebrating with my daughter and daughter-in-law this sunday. And I cherish that time. But there are still tears in my eyes as I write this blog. The end of an era.

Being in my fifties, many of my friends are going through the same thing. Maybe you dear reader are also sad this holiday. Maybe you miss a dear woman in your life. Maybe you have no one to give those flowers to this year.

So spend time with those you love, give cards to others and cherish your family who remains. Maybe there is someone that you have not talked with for years. Now is the time. Do it. Don't let the time go by. In my book Not Really A Princess there are chapters of despair and hurt from my home life when I was younger, but then it happened...change...change that was amazing to watch and transformed my mom.

I praise God for the family I have, for the love we share and I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend with those special people that you love.

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