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A minor irritation

Will I See YOU This Summer?

June is here! Summer fun! Time to see grandkids, go camping, spend time in the garden and have backyard dinners.

It is my FAVORITE season!

This year has additional travel. I have never traveled for my job before. I currently have several author events and more being scheduled. I thought I would give you all my schedule in case you can join me along the way. My publisher and the bookstores all tell you (multiple times) that as the author, I need to provide my own people. What that means is that I need to have events where I know people who may come into the store. Starting on the West Coast made the most sense since I have many connections there.

I have leads for speaking engagements and bookstores in some areas of the US that I have a cluster of friends. Houston/Austin, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia/DC area.

You can all be helpful by coming to an event! Or if you have a friend or relative in the area of an event I would love to meet them and visit! I will keep an updated schedule…