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Contribute Your Extra

There is a trend right now. I am sure most of you have seen or heard  - being minimalist.  I love this idea in theory. If I were 20 or 30 I may be able to do it to the fullest. Being 59 it is not that easy.

I have  "things" that belong to other people, gifted from loved ones, or items used for many occasions when I open my home for others.

I am not a pack rat by any means but I am someone who makes most things myself, hence too much extra to make from. I am sorting through my craft and art supplies and getting rid of half of that as I just don't have time for hobbies any more. And I do get rid of clothing on a regular basis. I have many things I am slowly getting rid of but I wanted to point out an idea that we can all do no matter our age.

Maybe you, like me, have felt caught in this vortex. Maybe you have even felt judged. You give what you can to help others, you gladly reach out to help others.

I came across this passage in research for my book that comes out this ne…

Let The Lord Fight Your Battles

Do you sometimes doubt a positive way through obstacles in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you doubt God's power?

We say, "Of course I don't doubt God." But I think when we become anxious about answers we don't see then we are not understanding His power. Sometimes the best things happen because we have let Him take the time to set His perfect plan into motion. We haven't rushed in to tweak things to our liking only to figure out we have made a mess of things.

In Deuteronomy, God uses Moses to explain to us, to remind us, that God gave so many chances. He showed compassion over and over only to have the Israelites continually doubt. There are SO many promises in this book and words of encouragement. If you are not a reader of the old testament then you should take time to familiarize yourself with it. Sometimes people think its archaic but it is the basic background for the entire Bible. Without it the New Testament doesn't make sense.

Here are a f…