Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Do You Have A Little Flour?

I hope you are all doing okay in this new normal we have been dealt. As time is passing with our self isolation or maybe you are in an area that is in more of a lockdown, I hope you are well and are not sick.

I am making adjustments. Last week I was more sad, disappointed and wondered how we could go on this way for weeks. This week I feel like my husband and I have fallen into a new routine. He is able to work from home so he is up in his office part of the time. We have been trying to get outside and walk or work in the yard as weather permits. We have had some lovely spring days and it's amazing how that gives a boost. I have been able to go to the grocery a few times. Checking for those elusive items that have been missing the past two weeks. I have been pleased that the grocery I go to has been trying to make things look nice. Maybe there are not 4 brands of chicken but they have spread it across the refrigerated unit to not freak people out that it's empty. I admit it is a bit unnerving to see things so empty.

I was NOT  one of those who stocked up on toilet paper or flour that first week. Consequently I am starting to wonder about it. I made banana bread this morning and have some flour left but it will not last long. Thank goodness I had recently bought some. I had also bought extra dog food, also sold out right now. My niece gave me a recipe to make my own so I am set with that.

It is a great time to get creative with your cooking and use what you have. Make soup in your crock pot, you can add anything. Whatever veggies you have. Don't forget to season with spices and herbs. And if you DO have flour and sugar...it is time to bake. It helps with any boredom, your house smells good and makes people happy.

My banana bread is smelling good, almost done cooking. Then I will go in search of the elusive toilet paper. Not sure how to make that from scratch. However, I have been on some mission trips where they did not flush paper because their plumbing was poor. They just had a trash can next to the toilet and did not flush it. So we CAN always make do.

Blessings to you all. I am hoping you are all well and I am confident we will look back on this time and see many blessings and how we are all more resilient than we think.

"I know how to make do with little, and I know how to make do with a lot. In any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of being content - whether well fed or hungry, whether in abundance or in need. I am able to do all things through Him (Christ)  who strengthens me."           Philippians 4:12-13


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