Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Share Your Story

I have had something turning around in my head for a while now. You know those things that keep returning to you over and over. And every time I have a radio or TV interview or even just at a book signing and people start asking me questions...it pops up again.

People love my new book It's Not About The Pie. They love the photography, the recipes, the concept of hospitality but... once they look at the book they read all the stories. Stories about life and people who are hurting. They read about how others reached out to help them. AND then they ask, "What made you write this book? What in your life made you want to start a compassion ministry? Why are you on this path?"

I am always limited by time constraints. Sometimes even only minutes to share. And I explain best I can in that short span of time that it all stems from my life. It comes from childhood, life's hurts and then I have to tell them that it becomes clear if they read my first book, Not Really A Princess. This short book written in narrative non-fiction shares my heart. It isn't fancy and beautiful the way my new one is. It's just a reflection of life.

I admit to almost being defensive about it. I don't want to downplay that Pie is a gorgeous book and chock full of wonderful things. It is wonderful but there is something in my heart that wants to tell each person that without the life God has given me, the trials and blessings...I wouldn't be able to write it. Because those very things have given me a heart of compassion. Not that I don't fail at this because I do but God brings adversity into our lives for a reason.

So if you want to read a short story of adoption, death, grief, widows, single parents, rejection, forgiveness, love...please read Princess. 
*You can find the link to Not Really A Princess on my website www.nickicorinne.com*

And more importantly Write Your Story!!! We all have trials we have overcome and maybe someone else needs to hear them to have some encouragement in their heart. For years people told me someone needed to write my story. I finally began with just an outline. Countless people have told me how this book has helped them. God will use your story too.

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