Monday, November 9, 2020

Experiencing Grief: The Loss Of Life Mentors

        The past few months have held great sadness for me. I lost two people so very dear. I have waited to share because it was still too fresh and I wanted to be composed as I shared although the tears already flow. I have known both for many years although they are both so very different in my life. 

       For those of you who have read either of my books, I have shared about my journey to Christ and the pastor who was so impactful in my life. My first book, Not Really A Princess, is my life story of overcoming trials and finding the joy that is only found in God. Here is a very brief testimony of my story in regards to accepting Christ as my Savior.

       On February 3,1972 I came home from school and my moma told my sister and I that our dad had died. We lived on a horse ranch and had no steady income. Life drastically changed. We had no one to do the funeral and the local funeral home in our small town suggested a young man who did many funerals. His dad had died when he was young and he had a heart for those grieving. So he did the funeral and then came down to our farm and invited us to his little church a couple months later. I had never gone to a church like that before, having gone to a more formal church in the past. People had their Bibles with them and they were memorizing Scripture out loud, Romans 12:1-2. We immediately plugged in and my moma, sister and I all became believers by summer. The years that followed were even harder as we had no income. But Pastor gave us all tasks to do and would drive out to our farm to pick up my sister or I to babysit. My moma became the church treasurer and we cleaned the church. My sister and I used the mimeograph machine to print the bulletins. He kept us busy. He moved to Idaho when I was in High School and we all cried and wondered what would become of us. Years later with a husband and kids we moved to Idaho. Guess what church we attended? 

Reconnecting and serving under this great man was so comforting to my soul. We have lived here almost 30 years. How fortunate I have been to be able to serve alongside a man who always made others believe they could do anything. No one will ever be just "Pastor" to me. He was a true shepherd. 

Shortly after he died another friend passed who my husband and I have served in a ministry with for about 30 years. She was a quiet woman, not flashy, never owned a tv, but loved God and loved kids. We were on a couple missions trips where we all shared our testimonies during devotions at the end of the day. --- she had led so many to Christ, more than anyone else. Here was a woman many did not know well but she was the most faithful servant. She never compromised, she stood for truth. Up until her death she was still planning to be able to serve when ministries started back up in fall.  

If I can encourage others and shine His light just a fraction of what these dear servants did then I will have accomplished much. Praise God for these dear mentors to me. 

       "for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to be built up of the body of Christ." Ephesians 4:12


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