Friday, May 6, 2022


 Hello friends and followers,

I'm sorry the blog has fallen by the wayside lately. There is a lot going on with my ministry expanding and my team is very busy with these new changes. 

Over the last few years, what originally started as writing one book has turned into three books, a blog, speaking engagements, a video series, a workbook to go with the video series and a compassion ministry. I am amazing at times with what God has done by me simply sharing my story. It's humbling and overwhelming.

All this being said, for right now the video series has taken the place of the blog. I wanted to share to make sure you all knew how to follow the video series if you would like to watch. Each new video is released Tuesday at 5:00pm MST. You can watch by joining my Facebook group, "LIVE BOLDLY" or by subscribing to my YouTube channel "Nicki Corinne White". I would love to have you all watch and share feedback.

Facebook Group:

YouTube Link:

As always my prayers for all of you is first and foremost in my mind and my top priority. Love you all my friends and followers.

God Bless!

1 comment:

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