Thursday, September 1, 2022

A New Season

 Do you feel that sometimes you are plodding along instead of enjoying the journey? I have been a bit that way lately. I have been following the path but its been not quite going how I thought it would. I am a person who loves summer. I love doing all the summer things. I am an outside girl so summer and fall are my favorite times of year as the Boise area is sunny 280 days a year and I embrace it. When the kids were younger our summers would be full of lake and river days. We also had a pool that we spent a lot of time in, along with gardening, mountain adventures, jet skiing on our favorite alpine lake, going to church camp, visiting relatives, family camping trips, and bbqs. 

Lately, being an empty nester, the path is different. Some of those things happen but I miss my kids. I may still see a bit but the days are different. I get to the end of summer and don't always feel like I had my fun. Which is okay. It is a new season. I have been embracing my ministry. Even that is tough in the summer. Don't get me wrong, I am so very fortunate to have a great yard and garden, wonderful church family, awesome husband and kind friends. I am also absolutely amazed that at this stage of life I have had three books and a workbook published in 6 years. I mean...who knew? I would never have guessed that would be where my path would take me. 

I look towards fall now that summer is wrapping up and see a very full time. A new grand baby coming soon. A trip or two. A couple conferences and my workbook comes out October 4! It covers the first 15 episodes of my video series. And a few churches are going to use it for their women's Bible study. You can always contact my team if your Bible study would like to use it as well. We love to hear from you all.

Book sales can be slow in the summer which is always hard but they pick up in fall. SO I know God has me on this path and sometimes we do just need to follow along, be obedient to what God has for us and see where it takes us. As I have looked forward I know that I want to continue to share the gospel with as many as possible and to encourage others to purposely share their faith. That is my goal. And if the path swerves to the side, its ok. My favorite verses that I most likely have shared before are from Psalm 37:23-24, "The steps of a man are established by the LORD, and He delights in his way. When he falls, he will not be hurled down, because the LORD is the one who holds his hand."

I hope you are looking forward to this fall and all it has for you. Live your life loving God and serving Him no matter the path. 

Lord Bless, Nicki

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